12c OEM Agent installation from OEM Cloud Control 12c to the respective target servers

Login to Oracle Enterprise Mananger Cloud Control 12c console and follow the below steps to install the OEM agent in the target servers.

Step 1: Click the setup menu in
12c OEM console at the right side corner and select the “Add Target” and then select “Add Targets

Step 2: Select the “Add Host
Targets” for agent push and click the “Add Host …” button to continue

Step 3: Click the Add button and Enterthe target hostname and select host type whether its solaris sparc or linux and click “Next” to continue .

Step 4:  The host and Platform will display like below, once the entered credentials are correct, you can click the “Next” button to continue.

Step 5: Enter the Agent Installation Details and click “Next” to continue.

Step 6: Check the details in this review and click “Deploy Agent” to install the OEM agent in the target server.

Step 7: Installation is in progress… (Remote validations and Agent software copy to target server).

Step 8: Remote Prerequisite Check is in progress…

Step 9: This warning is expected and can be ignored. If we have the root privilege you can run the root.sh as root user after the agent installation to fix this issue.

Step 10:  Click on continue and select
update inputs and retry option.

This will install agent on hosts
without logging into the server. (Push method).

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