12c Datagurd New Features

Far sync standby database

A Far Sync Standby Database is a cascading Standby Database which acts as a Redo Log Repository for a Terminal Database. It does not contain any Datafiles. Only Log Transport Services are active on a Far Sync Standby Database.The Advantage of a Far Sync Standby Database is that it can be a local ArchiveLog Repository for the Primary Database acting in Maximum Protection Mode where the Physical or Logical Standby Database can be on a far remote Site.
New Options for Cascaded Standby Databases

In 12c it is possible to cascade a Standby Database in Real-Time, ie. the first Standby Database can send Redo from the Standby RedoLogs to the cascaded Standby Database. The Data Guard Broker now supports Cascaded Standby Databases, too.

SYSDG Administration Privilege

New sys role for dataguard SYSDG and it is possible to grant the SYSDG-Privilege to a User in order to perform Data Guard-related Operations. The full SYSDBA-Privilege is not required any more to manage a Data Guard Environment, but can still be used.

Online Movement of Online Datafiles

We can now move Online Datafile without stopping Managed Recovery and manually copy and rename Files. This can even be used to move Datafiles from or to ASM, It is in standby what about production?? Yes it is possible to move the datafiles in production also.

Multitenant Database Support

Data Guard supports Physical Standby Database for a Multitenant Database

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