AD Utilities for Oracle Apps DBA

AD Utilities for Oracle Apps DBA

AD Utilities are a group of tools designed to install, upgrade,
maintain, and patch a specific set of products contained in a
given release of Oracle Applications.

AutoPatch (adpatch) is a utility that is used to apply
individual patches, mini-packs, or maintenance packs to an
existing Oracle Applications instance.

AD Administration (adadmin) performs maintenance tasks on an
installed Oracle Applications system to ensure that it runs
smoothly.  The tasks performed with this utility fall into
two categories: database and file system. 
1.   Generate Applications Files menu

2. Maintain Applications Files menu

3. Compile/Reload Applications Database Entities menu

4. Maintain Applications Database Entities menu

5. Change Maintenance Mode

6. Exit AD Administration

AD Controller (or adctrl) is used in conjunction with other
AD Utilities (such as AutoInstall/AutoUpgrade, adadmin or
adpatch) to determine the status of workers and restart failed
Manages parallel workers in AD Administration and AutoPatch.
AD Relink (or adrelink) allows you to relink Oracle Applications
executable programs with the Oracle Server product libraries.
You can run the adrelink utility manually to relink individual
executable programs, or use the relink option in the AD
Administration utility to relink all executable programs.

Administration doesn’t relink AD executable.

For Example:
To relink adpatch, adsplice and adadmin: force=y “ad adpatch” “ad adsplice” “ad adadmin”
To relink all AD executables: force=y “ad all”
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