Assigning Approval Management Responsibilities

This post helps you to assign Approvals Management (AME) responsibilities to a Oracle Applications User

  1. Login
    as SYSADMIN user.
  2. Switch
    the responsibility to “User Management” and Navigate to the
    Users function.
  3. Query
    for user for ex. Nkaranam.
  4. Click
    on the update action from the result table.
  5. In
    the Update User page, click on the Assign Roles button.
  6. Change
    the “Search By” field from “Roles and Responsibilities” to
  7. In
    the search window, query for Approval%
  8. Select
    the “Approvals Management Administrator” and “Approvals
    Management Business

    roles or (any specific approvals roles required by functional team).

  9. After
    selecting the Roles, provide the Justification for the role and the
    effective date.
  10. After
    completing the action, you can query back the s
    ame user
    and can verify the list of roles being attached to the user.
  11. Run
    Workflow Background process with mandatory parameter as YES, YES.

Optional for System administrator , but good to know:

After assigning the responsibility following the above 11 steps
  1. Now
    switch the responsibility to “Functional Administrator”.

  2. Click
    on create grants under the grants sub-tab.

  3. Enter
    a Grant N
    ame and
    provide an effective date.

  4. Navigate
    to the security Context region and select the Grantee Type as
    ‘Specific User’

  5. In
    the Grantee field select “
    Rao, Karanam

    user (Person name of the user).

  6. In
    the Data Security region select ‘
    AME Transaction
    Types’ as the Object.

  7. Clicking
    “Next” will take you to the ‘Select Object Data Context’

  8. You
    have a default value of ‘All Rows’ in the Data Context Type,
    leave it as it is, and navigate further.

  9. In
    the ‘Object par
    and Select Set’ page, enter ‘
    AME calling
    applications’ as the value in the Set field.

  10. Clicking
    Next will take you to the Review page.

  11. Verify
    the information and submit the transaction.

  12. Peferred to Run
    Workflow Background process with mandatory parameter as YES, YES – once again.

— Narasimha Rao
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