Buffer Pool used


You know that you can define the size of each buffer pool in the buffer_cache as you like, but how much of them is used? Use this script first to find how buffer pools are set.
SELECT SUBSTR(NAME, 0, 22) NAME, SUBSTR(display_value, 0,10) VALUE
FROM v$parameter
WHERE NAME IN (‘db_keep_cache_size’, ‘db_recycle_cache_size’, ‘db_cache_size’);

NAME                   VALUE
———————- ———-
db_cache_size          30G
db_keep_cache_size     1G
db_recycle_cache_size  1G

The following script shows how much of each pool is used
SELECT DECODE(kcbwbpd.bp_name, ‘DEFAULT’, ‘db_cache_size’, ‘RECYCLE’,
‘db_recycle_cache_size’, ‘KEEP’, ‘db_keep_cache_size’)
buffer_pool_name, ROUND((COUNT(*)*:block_size)/(1024*1024),2) USED_MB
FROM x$kcbwds kcbwds, x$kcbwbpd kcbwbpd , x$bh bh
WHERE kcbwds.set_id >= kcbwbpd.bp_lo_sid
AND kcbwds.set_id <= kcbwbpd.bp_hi_sid
AND kcbwbpd.bp_size != 0
AND kcbwds.addr = bh.set_ds
AND bh.state !=0
GROUP BY kcbwbpd.bp_name;

——————— ———-
db_cache_size           30358.94
db_recycle_cache_size       2.66
db_keep_cache_size          7.09

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