Check no. of count and datewise occurrence of ORA-1555 alerts from database

Date wise occurrence of ORA-1555

select to_char(begin_time, ‘mm/dd/yyyy hh24:mi’) “Int.Start”,ssolderrcnt “ORA-1555s”, maxquerylen “Max Query”,unxpstealcnt “UNExp SCnt”,UNXPBLKRELCNT “UnEXPblks”, expstealcnt “Exp SCnt”,EXPBLKRELCNT “ExpBlks”,NOSPACEERRCNT nospace from v$undostat where ssolderrcnt>0
order by begin_time;

Total number of ORA-1555s since instance startup

select ‘TOTAL # OF ORA-01555 SINCE INSTANCE STARTUP : ‘|| to_char(startup_time,’DD-MON-YY HH24:MI:SS’)
from v$instance;

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