Command to check the details of applied Patch

Please find the below query to check.

SQL>set pages 1000
SQL>set linesize 100
SQL>column APPLIED_PATCH_ID format 9999999999
SQL>column PATCH_NAME format a16
SQL>column CREATION_DATE format a16
SQL>column BUG_ID format 9999999999
SQL>column BUG_NUMBER format a16
FROM apps.ad_applied_patches where patch_name=’&PatchNO’
FROM apps.ad_bugs where bug_number=’&PatchNO’

If we have the patch number, we can check the patch details from below query:

To get or find out all the patch details by giving patch number as input:

SQL>SELECT to_char(r.patch_run_id) patch_run_id
, appl_top
,d.driver_file_name driver_file_name
,l.language language
,to_char(r.start_date,’YYYY/MM/DD HH24:MI:SS’) start_date
,to_char(r.end_date,’YYYY/MM/DD HH24:MI:SS’) end_date
,r.patch_top patch_top
FROM ad_appl_tops t
,ad_patch_drivers d
,ad_patch_runs r
,ad_patch_driver_langs l
WHERE t.appl_top_id = r.appl_top_id
and r.patch_driver_id = d.patch_driver_id
and l.patch_driver_id = d.patch_driver_id
and d.driver_file_name like ‘%&p_bug_number%’
order by r.patch_run_id

From above query, it will prompt for patch number, which we need to give as input. Please give the patch number and get all the details about that patch.

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