Complete Guide for upgrading oracle applications 11i with 10g R2

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Sub: Upgrading oracle applications 11i with 10g R2.
( This ll be the complete guide for upgradation )

1. Complete the Installation of Oracle Apps EBS 11.5.10 ( with ) (Production Source).

2. Upgrade AD from Ad.I to AD.I.6 (Apply 6502082 (AD.I.6)).
(a) Cd $JAVA_TOP
(b) unzip -o
(c) Convert to multi org
(d) enable Maintainence mode through adadmin
(e) apply the u6502082.drv patch through adpatch
(f) disable Maintainence mode
(g) cp $APPL_TOP/admin/adgrants.sql to $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/admin/
(h) switch to oracle user
(i) sqlplus ‘/as sysdba’ @$ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/admin/adgrants.sql applsys

3. Upgrade Developer Suite 6i Patchset from Patchset 17 to 18
(document id :125767.1 )

(a) download the latest developer 6i patch (4948577) and interoperability patch (4888294
(b) download the additional developer 6i patches ( 5713544,4261542,5216496,5753922,6195758,5928515)
(c) cd $APPLCSF/scripts/$CONTEXT_NAME/
(d) sh apps/
(e) apply the 4948577 patch through adpatch.

4. apply the additional developer 6i patches (Cont. Upgrade Developer 6i Process )
I. application of 5713544 patch.
(a) Cd to patch directory
(b) cp genshlib to $ORACLE_HOME/bin
(c) sh
(d) force=y “fnd f60webmx”

II. application of 4261542 patch

(a) unzip the patch in $ORACLE_HOME
(b) cp -r $ORACLE_HOME/forms60/java/oracle/forms/handler/AlertDialog.class
(c) cp -r $ORACLE_HOME/forms60/java/oracle/forms/engine/Main.class
(d)cd $ORACLE_HOME/4261542/oracle/forms/engine
(e)cp Main.class $ORACLE_HOME/forms60/java/oracle/forms/engine/Main.class
(f) cd $ORACLE_HOME/4261542/oracle/forms/handler
(g) cp AlertDialog.class $ORACLE_HOME/forms60/java/oracle/forms/handler/AlertDialog.class
(h) Generate Jar Files through adadmin [adadmin – Generate Applications Files – Generate product JAR files ].

III. application of 5216496 Patch.

(b) unzip the 5216496 patch
(c) cd 5216496
(d) cp genshlib $ORACLE_HOME/bin
(e) cd $ORACLE_HOME/lib
(f) cp libiff.a libiff.a.ORG
(g) cp
(h) cp libiffw.a libiffw.a.ORG
(i) cp
(j) cd $ORACLE_HOME/5216496/opt
(k) ar -rv $ORACLE_HOME/lib/libiff.a ifzprs.o
(l) cd $ORACLE_HOME/5216496/optweb
(m) ar -rv $ORACLE_HOME/lib/libiffw.a ifzprs.o
(n) cd $ORACLE_HOME/lib
(o) $ORACLE_HOME/bin/genshlib iffw 0
(p) $ORACLE_HOME/bin/genshlib iff 0
(q) cd $ORACLE_HOME/forms60/lib
(r) make -f install

IV. application of 5753922 patch.

(a) Cd 5753922
(b) sh
V. application of 6195758 Patch.
(a). cd $ORACLE_HOME
(b). unzip -o
(c). cp -r $ORACLE_HOME/forms60/java/oracle/forms/handler/UICommon.class
(d). cp -r $ORACLE_HOME/forms60/java/oracle/forms/handler/ComponentItem.class
(e). cd $ORACLE_HOME/6195758/oracle/forms/handler
(f). cp UICommon.class $ORACLE_HOME/forms60/java/oracle/forms/handler/UICommon.class
(g). cp ComponentItem.class $ORACLE_HOME/forms60/java/oracle/forms/handler/ComponentItem.class
(h). Generate Jar Files [ adadmin à Generate Application Files à Generate Product Jar Files ]

Vi. application of 5938515 patch.

(a) cd 5938515
(b) sh
(c) force=y “fnd f60webmx”

5. Relink Application Executables.

(a). adadmin – Maintain Application Files Menu – Relink Application Program

(b). Enter list of products to link (‘all’ for all products)[all] : fnd
(c). Generate specific executables for each selected product [No] ? y
(d). Relink with debug information [No] ? n
(e). Enter executables to relink, or enter ‘all’ [all] : f60webmx ar60run ar60runb ar60rund

6. Apply Oracle Applications 11i Developer Interoperability patch

a. Enable the Maintainence Mode through adadmin
b. Apply the u4888294.drv through adpatch
c. Disable the Maintainence Mode

7. Application of Patches for known issues.

(b) unzip
(c) cp -r $ORACLE_HOME/forms60/java/oracle/forms/handler/TextComponentItem.class
(d) cd $ORACLE_HOME/3182153/oracle/forms/handler.

(e) cp TextComponentItem.class $ORACLE_HOME/forms60/java/oracle/forms/handler/TextComponentItem.class

(f) Generate Jar Files
[adadmin ? Maintain Application File Menu ? Generate Product Jar Files ]


(a) source the appplications environment file
(b) cd $XPATCH_TOP/patches/6372396/fnd/patch/115/bin
(c) ./ -script=ValidateRollup
(d) Review the txkValidateRollup.html
(e) cd $XPATCH_TOP/patches/6372396
(f) enable maintainence mode
(g) apply u6372396.drv patch with adpatch
(h) cd $COMMON_TOP/admin/scripts/$CONTEXT_NAME/
(i) sh
(k) cp $APPL_TOP/admin/out/ $RDBMS_ORACLE_HOME
(l) vi $OA_HTML/bin/appsweb.cfg ,and copy the content from “BEGIN CUSTOMIZATION” AND “END CUSTOMIZATION”
(m) vi appsweb_.cfg and paste the copied content.
(n) ‘mv $IAS_ORACLE_HOME/Apache/Apache/logs/sec_audit.log $IAS_ORACLE_HOME/Apache/Apache/logs/sec_audit_
(o) sh apps/

(p) sh apps/

9. 11.5.10 INTEROP PATCH FOR 10GR2 (Application of 4653225 )
(a) enable Maintainence mode through adadmin
(b) apply the u4653225.drv through adpatch
(c) disable Maintainence Mode through adadmin
Installation of 10GR2 Base and Companion binaries

10. Pre Checks for 10GR2 Installation

(1) Set the environment variable ORACLE_HOME=
(2) execute : export PATH=$PATH;$ORACLE_HOME/bin <
(3) xhosts +

10G R2 Software Installation

11. Start 10G Base ( Software Installation

(1) cd database/Disk1
(2) ./runinstaller

(a) Provide the Oracle home Path that distinct from 9i Oracle home.
(b) Install only software ( No New Database Creation Required).
(c) Dont Upgrade database at the time of software installation.

10G R2 Companion CD Installation

12. Install the 10g Database Products by installing 10G R2 (

(1) cd database/Disk1
(2) ./runinstaller

Upgrade Oracle 10G database base software to latest oracle 10G database Software
10G R2 ( )

13. Mandatory Pre Installation Tasks

set PERL5LIB=$ORACLE_HOME/perl/lib/;$ORACLE_HOME/perl/lib/site_perl/

14. Installation of Latest Oracle Database Software

(a). Unzip the Software
(b). cd database/Disk1
(c). ./runinstaller

15. Create nls/data/9idata Directory

(a). perl $ORACLE_HOME/nls/data/old/
(b). export $ORA_NLS10=$ORACLE_HOME/nls/data/9idata

16. Additional RDBMS Patches

i.Apply 5257698 Patch
ii.Apply 5892355 Patch
iii.Apply 5871314 Patch
iv.Apply 5755471 Patch

17. Pre Database Upgrade Steps – Database (Perspective )

1.Export ORACLE_HOME=<10g>.
2.Export ORACLE_SID=
3.cp $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin/utlu102i.sql /tmp /tmp
5.sqlplus “/as sysdba”
6.startup db
7.spool info.log $utlu102i.sql
9.spool off
10.Check info.log for any errors and recover the same

18. Pre Database Upgrade steps — Applications 11i ( Perspective )
appsutil creationcheck whether 9i database is up in running else startup the database
a. login to applmgr
c. cp $APPL_TOP/admin/out/ $RDBMS_ORACLE_HOME ( 10g )
d. unzip -o $ORACLE_HOME/

Listener and tnsnames ( Network ) Resolution

a. login to oracle user
b. cp the tnsnames.ora and listener.ora from 9i TNS_ADMIN to 10g TNS_ADMIN
c. Change the database home in the tnsnames.ora and listener.ora

19. Upgrade 9i Database to 10gR2

Shutdown the database listener if it is up in running

a. cd $ORACLE_HOME/bin
b. ./dbua
c. specify the 9i Database ( to be upgraded )
d. Specify the datafile path for creating sysaux tablespace
e. Remove check box for compiling PL/SQL Objects
f. Give the Enterprise Manager Options
g. Check whether the database information and components details
h. Proceed for upgrade
i. Finish the upgrade process
j. Modify the initialization parameters

I. vi $ORACLE_HOME/dbs/init<$ORACLE_SID>.ora
II. compatible = 10.2.0
III. sga_target = 1G
IV. shared_pool_size = 400M
V. shared_pool_reserved_size = 40M
VI. nls_length_semantics = BYTE
VII.undo_management = AUTO
VIII. undo_tablespace = APPS_UNDOTS1
IX. pga_aggregate_target = 1G
X. workarea_size_policy = AUTO
XI. olap_page_pool_size = 4194304
XII.open_cursors = 600
XIII. session_cached_cursors = 500
XIV. plsql_optimize_level = 2
XV. plsql_code_type = INTERPRETED
XVI. _b_tree_bitmap_plans = FALSE
XVII. optimizer_secure_view_merging = FALSE
XVIII. _kks_use_mutex_pin=TRUE

Remove the Following Parameters

i. _always_anti_join
ii. _always_semi_join
iii. _complex_view_merging
iv. _index_join_enabled
v. _new_initial_join_orders
vi. _optimizer_cost_based_transformations
vii. _optimizer_cost_model
viii. _optimizer_mode_force
ix. _optimizer_undo_changes
x. _or_expand_nvl_predicate
xi. _ordered_nested_loop
xii. _push_join_predicate
xiii. _push_join_union_view
xiv. _shared_pool_reserved_min_alloc
xv. _sortmerge_inequality_join_off
xvi. _table_scan_cost_plus_one
xvii. _unnest_subquery
xviii. _use_column_stats_for_function
xix. always_anti_join
xx. always_semi_join
xxi. db_block_buffers
xxii. db_cache_size
xxiii. enqueue_resources
xxiv. event=”10932 trace name context level 32768″
xxv. event=”10933 trace name context level 512″
xxvi. event=”10943 trace name context forever, level 2″
xxvii. event=”10943 trace name context level 16384″
xxviii. event=”38004 trace name context forever, level 1″
xxix. hash_area_size
xxx. java_pool_size
xxxi. job_queue_interval
xxxii. large_pool_size
xxxiii. max_enabled_roles
xxxiv. optimizer_dynamic_sampling
xxxv. optimizer_features_enable
xxxvi. optimizer_index_caching
xxxvii. optimizer_index_cost_adj
xxxviii. optimizer_max_permutations
xxxix. optimizer_mode
xl. optimizer_percent_parallel
xli. plsql_compiler_flags
xlii. query_rewrite_enabled
xliv. sort_area_size
xlv. undo_retention
xlvi. undo_suppress_errors

k. Compile Invalid objects through $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin/utlrcmp.sql
command : sqlplus ‘/as sysdba’ @$ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin/utrlcmp.sql

20. Post Upgrade steps

1. Fix Korean Lexers
i. Apply the 5005469 Patch
ii. sqlplus “/ as sysdba” @$ORACLE_HOME/ctx/sample/script/drkorean.sql

2. Startup the listener of upgraded database name
i. lsnrctl start

3. Run adgrants.sql

i. cp $APPL_TOP/admin/adgrants.sql $ORACLE_HOME/ <<10g>>
ii. sqlplus “/ as sysdba” @adgrants.sql APPLSYS

4. Grant create procedure privilege on CTXSYS

i. Login to applmgr
ii. sqlplus apps/ @$AD_TOP/patch/115/sql/adctxprv.sql CTXSYS

5. Gather statistics for SYS schema

i. cp $APPL_TOP/admin/adstats.sql $ORACLE_HOME
ii. login TO Oracle user
iii. cd $ORACLE_HOME
iv. $ sqlplus “/ as sysdba”
v. SQL> shutdown normal;
vi. SQL> startup restrict;
vii. SQL> @adstats.sql
viii. SQL> shutdown normal;
ix. SQL> startup;
x. SQL> exit;

21. Implement and Execute Autoconfig in Database Tier

Notes : Ensure no environment variables has been set either manually or in .profile and database is up in running.if environment variable revoke such variables.

i. Export ORACLE_HOME =<10g>
ii.Export LD_LIBRARY_PATH = <10g>
iii.Export ORACLE_SID = instance name running on this database node.
iv. Export PATH=$PATH;$ORACLE_HOME/bin;
v. Export TNS_ADMIN = $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin/$CONTEXT_NAME
vi. sqlplus ‘/as sysdba’
vii. create pfile from spfile;
viii. shu immediate
ix. startup pfile=$ORACLE_HOME/dbs/init<$ORACLE_SID>.ora
x. exit
xi. lsnrctl start $ORACLE_SID
xii. cd $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/bin
xiii. perl tier=db appsuser=apps appspasswd=
xiv. cp $ORACLE_HOME/dbs/init<$ORACLE_SID>.ora
xv. $ORACLE_HOME/dbs/init<$ORACLE_SID>_.ora
xvi. cd $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/bin
xvii. perl
xviii. Provide the created context file name as input for script and check $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/log after completion
xix. shutdown and startup database using

22. Execute Autoconfig on Application Tier

i. cd $COMMON_TOP/admin/scripts/$CONTEXT_NAME
ii. sh

Notes: Ensure Applications is locating to 10g database

23. Startup Applications

i. cd $COMMON_TOP/admin/scripts/$CONTEXT_NAME/
ii. sh apps/

24. Apply Oracle Receivables 5753621 Patch

i. Enable Maintainence Mode through adadmin
ii. apply u5753621 patch through adpatch
iii. disable Maintainence Mode through adadmin

25. Apply Application Manager 4766508 Patch [ For issue in preclone process in dbtier ]

i. Enable Maintainence Mode through adadmin
ii. Apply u4766508 patch through adpatch
iii. Disable Maintainence mode through adadmin
iv. Cd $COMMON_TOP/admin/scripts/$CONTEXT_NAME/
v. Sh
vi. Provide apps password
vii. $ADPERLPRG $AD_TOP/bin/
viii. cp $APPL_TOP/admin/out/ $RDBMS_ORACLE_HOME ( 10g )
ix. unzip -o $ORACLE_HOME/
x. cd $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/scripts
xi. sh
xii. provide apps password
xiii. perl dbTier

Thanks & Regards,
Narasimha Rao.K

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