Configuring the Oracle GoldenGate Monitor Agent (JAGENT) for OEM on Linux

Configuring the Oracle GoldenGate Monitor Agent (JAGENT) for OEM on Linux

The Oracle GoldenGate Monitor Agent, or Jagent, is no longer shipped with Oracle GoldenGate 12.2 or newer.  In fact, it has been a best practice since Oracle GoldenGate 12.1 to not use the Jagent that came with GoldenGate, but to use the Jagent from the GoldenGate Monitor Agent.  The Oracle GoldenGate Monitor is available from the Oracle Website under Middleware -> GoldenGate.  Download the Oracle GoldenGate Monitor 12.2.1 zip file from the selection under Management Pack for Oracle GoldenGate.  This will download the file file.


Before you can install the Jagent, you must install java version 1.7 or newer.  This can be downloaded from the Oracle Website.  This must be completed before installing the Oracle GoldenGate Monitor Agent.


The Monitor Agent must be installed on each of the GoldenGate servers that are to be included in Monitor or OEM monitoring.  This installation and configuration process is shown below.

If OEM monitoring is used with the JAGENT, the OEM agent must be installed as well.  Installing and configuring OEM is not covered here.  These steps are to be followed in order to configure the Jagent.

Install and Configure the Monitor Agent:

1. Prepare the systemValidate or install java jdk 1.7 or later
a. Download and install the latest java JDK to server.
1.  Install the JDK.
2. This will install both the jre and jdk. The jre is accessed by default.
3. yum install jdk-8u91-linux-x64.rpm —nogpgcheck
This will install the Java JDK in /usr/java as /usr/java/jdk1.8.0_91

Note:  You might have to uninstall order versions in order for the JDK to be accessed by default.

2.  Install GoldenGate Monitor Agent only.

a.  Change directory to the location where the GoldenGate Monitor software has been saved.
b. Set the environment variable JAVA_HOME to the JDK directory.

$ export JAVA_HOME=/usr/java/jdk1.8.0_91

Run the installer from java
$ java –jar fmw_12.

Choose to install the Monitor Agent.

Welcome Screen. Click Next.

         1. Auto Updates Screen. Click Next.
         2.This is the location where the agent software will be installed.
         I used /u01/app/oracle/product/oggmon but you can choose your own location.
         3.Choose Oracle GoldenGate Monitor Agent
         4.Prerequisites Checks Screen. Click Next.
         5.Installation Summary Screen. Click Next.
         6.When completed and everything has a green check, click Finish. The installer will exit.

3.  Change directory to the oggmon/ogg_agent directory under where you just installed the Monitor Agent software. In our case, this is


Set the JAVA_HOME environment variable.

4.  $ export JAVA_HOME=/usr/java/jdk1.8.0_91

5.  Run the script. You will be prompted for the GoldenGate installation directory and the location where you want to install the Monitor Agent instance.

[oracle@gg21a ogg_agent]$ ./

Please enter absolute path of Oracle GoldenGate home directory : /u01/app/oracle/product/12.2.0/ogghome_1

Please enter absolute path of OGG Agent instance : /u01/app/oracle/product/oggmon/agent1

Please enter unique name to replace timestamp in startMonitorAgent script ( : abc

Sucessfully created OGG Agent instance.

6.  Change directory to the agent installation directory; /u01/app/oracle/product/oggmon/agent1.
7.  Change directory to the agent1/bin directory.
8.  Create the Jagent wallet

../ –jagentonly

Supply a password. This is the agent password that you will use in OME or GoldenGate Monitor.

9.  Change directory to the agent1/cfg directory.
10.  Edit the file.

a. Modify to change to the actual host name.
b. Modify jagent.username=oggmajmxusr if desired (can be jagent, root, etc).
c. Make note of jagent.rmi.port=5559.
d. Modify agent.type.enabled=OGGMON to agent.type.enabled=OEM if using OEM for monitoring.

12.  Restart the mgr process from ggsci.
a.  Once the manager has restarted the jagent will be visible from ggsci.
12.  Start JAGENT from GGSCI.

At this point the jagent should be running properly in GGSCI.

GGSCI (gg21a) 6> info all

Program     Status      Group       Lag at Chkpt  Time Since Chkpt


Once the Jagent is running, OEM or GoldenGate Monitor should be able to monitor GoldenGate.

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