Overview  – Dataguard
Broker Property – Binding

One of our primary DB was down due to “ORA-00257: archiver
error. Connect internal only, until freed”.

As all know most of the time this is due to because of
primary DB archive destination  100% full
and unable to archive a redo log.

Immediately we went and check, but surprisingly our primary
archive destination is 95% free, and we had enough space. Unfortunately,
Standby Database destination was 100% full.

We cleared the space on standby db server and Issue is
resolved, everyone able to connect to DB now,

I can assume now that whoever reading this blog will thing
that standby mode is “MAXIMUM PROTECTION MODE”, due to primary not able to transfer
the redo because standby destination was full.

But that’s not the case, our standby mode is “Maximum
Performance mode”, so technically it should not be the case.

Here is the Binding Variable comes into Play, we set to
`mandatory` (default value:- optional). Why we set this to mandatory to make
sure RMAN archive backup will delete archives from primary server only it
applied on standy.

Since it set to mandatory, If the archiving operation of a
mandatory destination fails, online redo log files cannot be overwritten,
so Primary DB hung with error ORA-00257

So, lesson here is, Always double check dataguard broker
property – Binding. 

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