Deconfig Oracle RAC Grid Installation

Steps to deconfig GRID Installation :-

To cleanup the failed installation of GRID,run the script of failed node.

[root@test ~]# cd /u01/app/grid/crs/install/  -deconfig -force

[root@test ~]# rm –rf /etc/ora*

[root@test ~]# rm –rf /etc/*

[root@test ~]# rm –rf /var/tmp/.oracle/*

Again run script on all other nodes,On the last node in your cluster, you should add the -lastnode

[root@test ~]# cd /u01/app/grid/crs/install/  -deconfig -force -lastnode

If its failed,remove manually using below commands,

Manual cleanup GRID Installation :-

Remove Inventory :-

The Oracle inventory location is stored in the oraInst.loc file:

[root@test etc]# cat /etc/oraInst.loc


[root@test etc]# cd /u01/app/oraInventory
[root@test etc]# vi ContentsXML/inventory.xml

Remove the GRID_HOME entry details from inventory.xml file.

[root@test etc]# rm -rf /u01/app/grid/*
[root@test etc]# rm -rf /etc/oracle/* 
[root@test etc]# rm /etc/oraInst.loc 
[root@test etc]# rm /etc/oratab 
[root@test etc]# rm /var/tmp/.oracle/*

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