Does GoldenGate Support Tables with an UNUSED Column?

Yes, GoldenGate support tables with UNUSED columns. starting in version 9.5, GoldenGate supports tables with unused columns, but by default the support is disabled, and Extract will be abends while starting time. We can use the DBOPTIONS parameter with the ALLOWUNUSEDCOLUMN option to force Extract to generate a warning and continue processing. When using ALLOWUNUSEDCOLUMN, either the same unused column must exist in the target table.

Version 9.5, GoldenGate does not support tables with UNUSED columns.  The Extract will abend with an following error:

        table Schema.sample;
        20018-06-21 13:58:08 GGS ERROR 118 unable to validate table
        Schema.sample 57148 due to unused column.

The only solution if running a pre 9.5 version of GoldenGate is to drop the unused columns.

Sample commands:

1.To Set unused

alter table t1 set unused column c;

2.Drop unused (for pre-9.5, and for case when target cannot be set unused).

alter table t1 drop unused columns;

To see which table in the Database has unused columns and how many columns are unused, issue the query below

select * from dba_unused_col_tabs;


SQL> select * from dba_unused_col_tabs;

OWNER                          TABLE_NAME                          COUNT

—————————— —————————— ———-

TEST                         SAMPLE                                1

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