E-Business Suite 12.2 Forms Error ‘FRM-92101’ Connection from new browser window not supported if using custom jars not added in user jarfile

When accessing the forms with using IE8 and higher, opening 2nd forms applet fails with the following error:


FRM-92101: There was a failure in the Forms Server during startup.
This could happen due to invalid configuration.
Please look into the web-server log file for details.
oracle.forms.net.ConnectionException: Connection from new browser window not supported
at oracle.forms.net.HTTPNStream.getInfoFromServlet(Unknown Source)
at oracle.forms.net.HTTPNStream.<init>(Unknown Source)
at oracle.forms.net.HTTPConnection.connect(Unknown Source)
at oracle.forms.engine.FormsDispatcher.initConnection(Unknown Source)
at oracle.forms.engine.FormsDispatcher.init(Unknown Source)
at oracle.forms.engine.Runform.initConnection(Unknown Source)
at oracle.forms.engine.Runform.startRunform(Unknown Source)
at oracle.forms.engine.Main.createRunform(Unknown Source)
at oracle.forms.engine.Main.start(Unknown Source)
at com.sun.deploy.uitoolkit.impl.awt.AWTAppletAdapter.start(UnknownSource)
at sun.plugin2.applet.Plugin2Manager$AppletExecutionRunnable.run(Unknown Source)
at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)


1. Open a IE browser window
2. Login to EBS 12.2 environment
3. Open a Form – opens successfully
4. Without closing first forms session click another forms based function or any forms link from workflow notification from Self Service Web Access page.
5. The previous forms applet closes abruptly and new applet session is opened which shows FRM-92101 with exception stack as provided above. In some cases new applet will launch fine but would have closed previous applet, which is not desired way.


Passing custom jars from other than parameter “userjarfile” inside $FORMS_WEB_CONFIG_FILE, will break forms launching mechanism on E-Business Suite. Form launching mechanism is part of Application Object Library where any second and beyond forms requests from Self Service Web Access(SSWA) Page gets opened in already open forms applet session(if that was open). If no previous forms session was opened, the new forms applet will be opened. Another forms request could either be another forms based function clicked on SSWA page under some responsibility or it could be under some forms link in a workflow notification.


Pass the custom jars only via “userjarfile” in $FORMS_WEB_CONFIG_FILE. For e.g. the entry for the custom jar will become as below

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