error: package cvuqdisk is not installed – grid installation

 While installing ORACLE GRID INFRASTRUCTURE the below issue is faced.

I managed to install the RMP from the grid software itself.

Work Around:

Locate the cvuqdisk RPM package, which is in the directory rpm on the Oracle Database installation media. 

Log in as root. 

Use the following command to find if you have an existing version of the cvuqdisk package 

# rpm -qi cvuqdisk 

If you have an existing version, then enter the following command to deinstall the existing version: 

# rpm -e cvuqdisk 

Set the environment variable CVUQDISK_GRP to point to the group that owns cvuqdisk, typically oinstall, 

for example.

 # CVUQDISK_GRP=oinstall; export CVUQDISK_GRP 

In the directory where you have saved the cvuqdisk RPM, use the following command to install the cvuqdisk package

 rpm -iv package 

For example: 

# rpm -iv cvuqdisk-1.0.9-1.rpm

So I have found the mentioned package in the following directory and installed it.

cd $GRID_HOME/cv/rpm

          yum install cvuqdisk-1.0.9-1.rpm

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