Error Running RMAN duplicate of Offline (Cold) Database Backup

Issue : Error Running RMAN duplicate of Offline (Cold) Database Backup 

Cause :

When the target database is running in ARCHIVELOG mode, RMAN will want to do some recovery even when the backup restored is an offline backup.  This also applies to duplicate.  When the target is running in archivelog mode, RMAN will want to apply redo.  This is the case even if there is an offline backup taken after the latest archive redo log.  i.e RMAN uses the SCN of the archive redo then looks for a backup earlier to this number and restores these files and then recovers the database.

 Cause justification is RMAN functionality.  

Solution :

 1. Once RMAN fails.
 2. Log into the AUX instance
 3. select open_mode from v$database;
 4. If not mounted, mount the aux instance.
 5. select file#, status, checkpoint_change#, fuzzy from v$datafile_header;
 -- check that checkpoint_change# is identical
 -- check that fuzzy=NO

 6. Assuming all is OK in checks of #5
 7. recover database using backup controlfile until cancel;
 -- type cancel;
 /* You should get a message -- media recovery cancelleed */

 If you receive ORA-1547 when recovery is cancelled, something is inconsistent about your files.

 8. alter database open resetlogs;
 9. shutdown immediate
 10. startup mount
 11. at operating system run dbnewid to change dbid:
 nid TARGET=SYS/oracle

 12. shutdown immediate
 13. startup mount;
 14. alter database open resetlogs;
 15. Select dbid from v$database
 /* confirm this number is different than target */
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