Error while activating ‘Oracle ERP Cloud’ Endpoint Integration error ‘Integration “LLU_TEST_JOURNALIMP | 1.0” cannot be activated.

Error : 

Cannot active Integration : "LLU_TEST_JOURNALIMP | 1.0"
Fails with error:


error 'Integration "LLU_TEST_JOURNALIMP | 1.0" cannot be activated. Incident has been created with ID 7. [Cause: ICS-20566]'

Cause :

Input file did not conform to associated schema (File was not in utf-8 format)
The following justifies how the issue is related to this specific customer:
Error from logfile showed error during showed error when loading the Input file.
Input file schema or format error was the cause

Solution :

Resolve schema issue within input file
Retest with new input file
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