How  to Find out the ASM DISKGROUP label without connecting to the Database.

Recently we have issue on DiskGroup in order to increase the size of the device ,

We need to identify the label which is assigned to the diskgroup and update the OS team .


Set the grid environment and run the below query

[root@ordb1 ~]# cd /home/oracle
[root@ordb1 oracle]# . ./grid.env

oracleasm querydisk -d DISKGROUP_NAME

[root@ordb1 oracle]# oracleasm querydisk -d DEVARCHIVE
Disk “DEVARCHIVE” is a valid ASM disk on device [202,65]
[root@ordb1 oracle]#

Once the device number is listed , we can use ls command to find the partition label.

[root@ordb1 oracle]# ls -l /dev/* |grep 202, |grep 65
brw-r—– 1 root   disk     202,   65 Jun 18 08:50 /dev/xvde1

To Crosscheck :

And also confirm at OS level , by issuing fdisk -l

[root@ordb1 ~]# fdisk -l | grep /dev/xvde
Disk /dev/xvde: 21.4 GB, 21474836480 bytes

To crosscheck the diskgroup size from asm (For cross-checking purpose we have connected to grid database)

ASMCMD> lsdg
State    Type    Rebal  Sector  Block       AU  Total_MB  Free_MB  Req_mir_free_MB  Usable_file_MB  Offline_disks  Voting_files  Name

MOUNTED  EXTERN  N         512   4096  1048576     20473    19539                0           19539              0             N  DEV_ARCHIVE/

Here DEV_ARCHIVE diskgroup has 20 GB from asm and from OS level also it same size from the above data.

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