Fs_clone – adop Fails with Status 2

We have faced issue when we run adop phase=fs_clone.
adop phase=fs_clone
adop exiting with status = 2 (Fail)
When checked logfile noticed following entries.

[UNEXPECTED]fs_clone has failed.
 [PROCEDURE] [START 2017/07/13 13:55:34] Unlocking sessions table
 [STATEMENT] Unlocking ad_adop_sessions table for erpdbtest01 with wait interval of 60 seconds and number of tries 2


1. Shut down all the Apps services  from RUN and PATCH file system.

2. Bounce  the database and Run Autoconfig on database.

3. Ensure that no processes are running from PATCH file system.  

4. Run AutoConfig on the RUN file system and start all Apps services on the RUN file system.

5. Re-run FS_CLONE using the following command:

adop phase=fs_clone force=yes

Happy  EBS Troubleshooting  ..

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