How to Create Oracle Cloud Promotion Account

This post is to create Promotion (trial) account for Oracle public Cloud. 
1. Open below link in Web Browser. Enter Valid Email Address
2. Click on Next Button. Which implicitly mean you are agreeing to the terms ( if you are using it for Commercial purpose, suggested to review it once). 
3. if you are going to use Oracle Cloud for Databases at work place, Select Business. if in case you are going to use Oracle cloud for educating yourself then select personal.
4. Cloud account name should be unique, to make it easy use your email id.
5. This post is as of April 2019, Default Data Region shows me for EMEA and North America. Select based on your region, near to you or preference.
6. Enter your First name, last name , Valid Address and Valid phone number , which will be verified.
7. you cannot use same phone number twice
8. Verification process will send otp, Once mobile number verified , Enter the credit Card details.
Please note – it will verify card but wont charge until you confirm to continue with Oracle cloud.
9. Once finished, you will be asked to click on complete signup.
10. Please note : it will take about 15 minute to provision your account

  • April 16, 2019 | 20 views