ICM Log Filled With: Could not contact Service Manager FNDSM_ The TNS alias could not be located on RAC with Multi Apps Tiers

Error :

Could not contact Service Manager FNDSM_SRVRAP2_PROD. The TNS alias could not be located, the listener process on SRVERPAP2 could not be contacted, or the listener failed to spawn the Service Manager process.

Cause :

The issue is caused by the existence of Service name: SYS$APPLSYS.WF_CONTROL..which should not exist.
See the following select:
1. SQL>select value from v$parameter where name='service_names';


The WF Service name should not exist only the Service name as should exist.

SOlution :

1. Ensure backup has been taken before making the changes.

2. Shutdown the Applications Tier including Concurrent managers.

3. Run the following script:

SQL> sqlplus / @$FND_TOP/patch/115/sql/wfctqrec.sql

4. Bounce the 2 RAC nodes.

5. Edit the Database xml files from all RAC nodes and validate if the s_dbService only includes the (SID) and not the SYS$APPLSYS.WF_CONTROL.(SID). service name, correct if needed.

6. Run autoconfig at the Rac Nodes (only in case the xml file includes the wrong s_dbService name).

7. Run autoconfig on the Applications nodes.

8. Start the Applications Services.
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