INCOIN The concurrent program for your request exited without calling standard Application Object Library exit routines or the process could have been terminated by the operating system

1.Check with the DBA about the field LFILE_SIZE in the table FND_CONCURRENT_REQUESTS is set to what value.
2.Check if log file is created properly with LFILE_SIZE > 0.
  If LFILE_SIZE is not set then set the value >0 and check if issue can be replicated.
3.Check with their DBA to delete old trace/log files so that enough space is present on the slot.
4. Check if issue can be replicated now.

5.Either apply the latest version of (invprg.ldt), with patch <27656545:R12.INV.C> OR action below
A. Take the back up of the existing file invprg.ldt
B. download the newly uploaded file in binary format.
C. Apply the newly downloaded file to the instance using fndload:

FNDLOAD apps/apps@mm1dv210 0 Y UPLOAD $fnd/patch/115/import/afcpprog.lct
change the instance uid/password and instance accordingly.

D. again Go to System Administrator Responsibility => concurrent=> program
=>Executable, query (press F11) for “Import Items” and query (ctrl+f11).
Now get us the screen captures.

E. Again go to System Administrator Responsibility => concurrent=> program =>
define, query (F11) for Program as “Import Items” and query (ctrl+f11). get us screen capture for this also. Now Click “Parameters” and get us the screen
capture of all parameters.

F. Also check the version of the invprg.ldt file present at $INV_TOP/patch/115/import/US.
strings -a $INV_TOP/patch/115/import/US/invprg.ldt | grep $Header

G. Now try to replicate the problem and let us know if issue can be replicated. Also check if error message is still the same.

Refernce Doc Id :2456140.1

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