init.ora Parameter vs Kernel Parameter

Many times we change database init.ora parameter, at the same time we
should also monitor kernel parameter as well. This is because few of
memory and process parameter are directly effecting to our OS.

DB Memory and process parameters are directly linked with following kernel parameters, let’s have look on below table,

Init.ora Parameter
Kernel Parameter
shmmax, shmall

db_files (maxdatafiles)

nfile, maxfiles
shmmax, shmall


shmmax, shmall
nproc, semmsl, semmns


shmmax, shmall

Common Kernel Parameter Definitions

Following Kernel
Parameters tend to be generic across most Unix/Linux platforms. However,
their names may be different in flavors of Unix/Linux. Check OS
document for exact name.

maxfiles – Soft file limit per process.
maxuprc – Maximum number of simultaneous user processes per userid.
nfile – Maximum number of simultaneously open files systemwide at any given time.
nproc – Maximum number of processes that can exist simultaneously in the system.
– This parameter sets the total amount of shared memory pages that can
be used system wide. Hence, shmall should always be at least
shmmax – The maximum size(in bytes) of a single shared memory segment.
shmmin – The minimum size(in bytes) of a single shared memory segment.
shmmni – The number of shared memory identifiers.
shmseg – The maximum number of shared memory segments that can be attached by a process.
semmns – The number of semaphores in the system.
– The number of semaphore set identifiers in the system; determines the
number of semaphore sets that can be created at any one time.
– The maximum number of sempahores that can be in one semaphore set. It
should be same size as maximum number of Oracle processes.

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