Launch EC2 Instance from AWS Console

Launch EC2 Instance from AWS Console

Today, we will learn how to launch an EC2 from AWS console.  Amazon EC2 stands for Elastic Compute Cloud, which provides server space in cloud.
Login to AWS Management console with your account credential.


Go to Console Home and then select region.  I selected Oregon region.  We need to remember the region where we are going to create resources, like EC2, VPC, etc.

Click EC2

Click Launch Instance



I am using free tier account, so I will be using only those resources which are free tier eligible.  If you want to use other, then you need to pay charges accordingly.
We need to select an AMI.  I am going to use Amazon Linux AMI, which is free tier eligible; make a note of image id; press Select

Now, we need to chose an Instance Type.  Here I am selecting t2.micro, which is free tier eligible.  Press Next: Configure Instance Details


Here I will be going with default options, but make sure Auto-assign Public IP is set to Enable/Use subnet setting (Enable).  I will explain all the options later.  Press Next.


Here also, under ‘Add Storage’, we will be going with default options.  Press Next.
Total free eligible storage is 30 Gb GP SSD.  If you want additional storage, you can add by clicking Add New Volume.
Add Tags:  This step is optional, but it would be better to tag resources.  Give a name to your instance, like MyFirstEC2.  Press Next.
Here, we need to configure Security Group.  This will control the traffic to the instance.  Here I will be selecting default security group.  Make sure it is allowing all traffic, from any source — check the marked fields.  Press Review and Launch

Review Instance Launch – go through all the details; instance will be launched with these properties.

Now we need to create a keypair (public and private keys).  AWS won’t provide password for linux instances; we need to use keypair to connect to the instances.
Select ‘Create a new key pair’ and give a name to it and then Download Key Pair.  The downloaded key pair file will be in .pem format.  We need to extract private key from it.  We can use puTTYgen for it.  Download it if you don’t have.  Open puTTYgen and press Load and go to the location where we have downloaded the .pem file and open the .pem file (make sure you have selected All Files (*.)) and click Save private key.  
Keep the .pem file and private key at a safe location.


Press Launch Instances

Now the instances will be launching.  Click the instance-id

 Once the instance is in running state, we can connect to it, with Public DNS/IP.

The default system user with which we can connect to Amazon Linux instance is ec2-user.  Open putty, specify the destination as ec2-user@


Then go to Connection–>SSH–>Auth and select the private key and press Open
Thats it.  Now we are able to connect to our first EC2 instance.


Make sure you terminate the instance if you are not going to use it anymore.
Happy Learning!!!

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