LOGIN PAGE SHOWS BLANK IN Oracle Applications R12

When logging into E-Bussiness Suit Login page appears blank,

There are two workaround for this issue one with ojspcompile.pl script and changing the parameter in context_file.

 Solution 1:

ojspcompile.pl perl script is solution that after a clone some class files were not been compiled .

 Perl ojspcompile.pl script is used when .class files in the  $COMMON_TOP/_pages directory are not compiled.

In R12 application JSP’s is handled by OC4j container,if OC4J container doesn’t find the .class files,it will just render a blank page and will not even attempt to compile the jsp.

As the class files path code points to another time stamp which is causing the JSP to not load.

1. Shutdown the application services.
   sh  adstpall.sh apps/<appspassword>

2.we need  Compile jsp’s Manually
perl $FND_TOP/patch/115/bin/ojspCompile.pl –compile –flush -p 2

3. Restart the application services.
  sh adstrtal.sh apps/<appspassword>

4. Retest the issue.

This would be a first workaround .

Solution 2:

And for changes in XML file,

By updating the s_jsp_main_mode tag from justrun to recompile in the context xml file,Changes are made permanent in orion-web.xml

These parameters are not recommended in Production as per oracle support,but it is definitely worth setting in a Development environment.(if it is a known issue based on their environment).

1. We need to edit the parameter in the context file ,

 Set the parameter “s_jsp_main_mode” in XML file from “just run” to “recompile”
<jsp_debug_parameters oa_var=”s_jsp_main_mode”>justrun</jsp_debug_parameters>
change it to  <jsp_debug_parameters oa_var=”s_jsp_main_mode”>recompile</jsp_debug_parameters>

2. Execute autoconfig to apply the change done in XML File.

Autoconfig will update file $INST_TOP/ora/10.1.3/j2ee/oacore/application-deployments/oacore/html/orion-web.xml

3. Re-start the applications and test the issue.

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