Lost SYSMAN password – 13c

If the current SYSMAN password is unknown, then do the following:

1.    Stop OMS instances:

    cd <OMS_HOME>/bin

    emctl stop oms

2.    Modify the SYSMAN password:

    cd <OMS_HOME>/bin

    emctl config oms -change_repos_pwd -use_sys_pwd -sys_pwd <sys user password> -new_pwd <new sysman password>

    The ‘-use_sys_pwd’ is used to connect to the database as a SYS user and modify the SYSMAN password in the Repository database.

    The current SYSMAN password is not prompted for and only the new password needs to be entered. This will allow the reset of the old password to the new password entered.

    The password will be modified at the Repository Database and the monitoring credentials for the ‘OMS and Repository’ target.

    Along with the SYSMAN password, this command will modify the password for the EM users (SYSMAN_MDS, BIP, SYSMAN_OPSS, SYSMAN_APM, SYSMAN_RO) created in the Repository Database.
3.    Stop the Admin server and re-start all the OMS:

    cd <OMS_HOME>/bin

    emctl stop oms -all

    emctl start oms

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