Microsoft Projects Configuration Requirements for WebADI Integration

To integrate Microsoft Projects with WebADI, make sure the following settings are enabled in Microsoft Projects and Internet Explorer on the users desktop.

Step 1. Microsoft Projects Required Settings for Oracle Projects Interface

Enable (check) the following option in Microsoft Projects:
‘Tools’ -> ‘Macro’ -> ‘Security’ -> ‘Trusted Publishers’ -> ‘Trust all installed add-ins and templates’ 
Note: The Oracle Projects interface link will be available under:
Projects 2007
· The Microsoft Projects toolbar.
Projects 2010 and Later
· ‘Add-ins (tab) -> Oracle’.

Step 2. Internet Explorer Required Settings for Projects Interface

ActiveX Controls and plug-ins Settings
1. Select ‘Tools’ -> ‘Internet Options -> ‘Security’ (Tab) from the browser menu.
2. Select the appropriate zone you are using i.e. ‘Trusted Sites’ -> ‘Custom Level’ (button)
3. Set ‘Allow Scriptlets’ to ‘Enable’.
4. Set ‘Automatic prompting for ActiveX controls’ to ‘Enable’
5. Set ‘Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe’ to ‘Enable’
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