No need of ocm.rsp file for Grid Patching

OPatch 12c: emocmrsp missing from OPatch/ocm/bin

So far while applying PSU or one off patches, we use to pass -ocmrf parameter.  I could not think of a scenario where we are going to expose database servers to external world.

Before applying latest PSU, I downloaded latest opatch from metalink. Post unzip, I wanted to create ocm.rsp. But when checked, OPatch/ocm/bin was empty. Binary emocmrsp was missing.

OPatch/ocm/bin>ls -ltra
total 0

As per Metalink Doc ID 2161861.1

This enhancement to OPatch exists in release and later. The option -ocmrf is used to provide OPatch the OCM responses during a silent install. Since OCM is no longer packaged with OPatch, the -ocmrf is no longer needed on the command line.

As per Metalink Doc ID 1591616.1

Note: as latest opatch doesn’t contain OCM anymore, the option “-ocmrf” is unnecessary if latest opatch is being used, refer to the following for details:
note 2161861.1 – OPatch: Behavior Changes starting in OPatch and releases

So this is expected behavior.

Simply use following CLI for applying the patch

# opatchauto apply <UNZIPPED_PATCH_LOCATION>/24412235

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