OGG-02544 Unhandled Error (ORA-00904: : Invalid Identifier) in replicat.

OGG-02544 Unhandled Error (ORA-00904: : Invalid Identifier)

WARNING OGG-02544 Unhandled error (ORA-00904: : invalid identifier) while processing the record at SEQNO 219, RBA 83837638 in Integrated mode. REPLICAT will retry in Direct mode.

Grant below permission to goldengate user to resolve the issue:


The error can also happen if the Replicat db user doesn’t have execute privilege on dbms_reputil2 and dbms_lob

SQL> select * From dba_tab_privs where table_name in (‘DBMS_REPUTIL2’, ‘DBMS_LOB’);

The missing privileges can be granted as following

grant execute on sys.dbms_lob to “GGUSER

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