ORA-15018, ORA-15099 When Creating Diskgroup in ASM

                                  ORA-15018, ORA-15099 When Creating Diskgroup in ASM 

When i am  trying to create your first diskgroup on the ASM instance in rac setup.  However, it fails when the disk size is above 2 Terabyte in size. And found out that Since you have already installed patch 6453944, you are receiving the error ORA-15099. 

As a result of the fix, ORA-15099 will be raised if LUN/disk is larger than 2TB size.
You may also experience INS-20802 if running ASMCA from the installation process.
If the disk size is greater than 2TB, please resize the LUN/disk to a size under 2 Terabytes. Then you will be able to create the diskgroup.

It’s ok to use disks with exactly 2TB size.

Note: Even with fix of  6453944 , 2TB is still the limit on 11.2 version on nonExadata set up.

So it is better to have LUN/disk under 2 TB , This is applicable to all linux platforms.
Ref Doc ID 1057333.1

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