ORA-15036 After Applying Patch 12382627

Oracle Database – Enterprise Edition – Version to [Release 11.2]
Information in this document applies to any platform.

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You have applied Patch 12382627 as a fix for the Bug 12382627. Reference MOS Doc ID 12382627.8   and   1478482.1.

As per the Patch 12382627 readme ( Pre-install info ), ORA-15036 can be seen on some of the disks while the diskgroup is mounting. And those disks need to be resized. And to disable Patch 12382627 you need to use the following parameter in ASM’s (s)pfile:


But even after setting this parameter you still see the same error  ORA-15036 while mounting the diskgroup :

ERROR: diskgroup TEST was not mounted
ORA-15032: not all alterations performed
ORA-15036: disk ‘/oradisk/db_vol/oradb06’ is truncated
ORA-15036: disk ‘/oradisk/db_vol/oradb05’ is truncated
ORA-15036: disk ‘/oradisk/db_vol/oradb04’ is truncated

Patch 12382627 applied

_fourth_spare_parameter  is applicable for and releases. You are on a different patchset or PSU

The patch has been built on the following versions, and the following corresponding parameter to be used to disable the patch and ORA-15036.    :  _fourth_spare_parameter=0    :  _fourth_spare_parameter=0    :  _eighth_spare_parameter=0    :  _eighth_spare_parameter=0    :  _io_osd_param=0  (  If this parameter is not helping then Apply Patch 18027761 for SPARC or Patch 19071440 for x86_64 and use the parameter  )

If your patch is being built for a different version, ensure you get the correct parameter to disable it, through Oracle Support.

Oracle Metalink (Doc ID 1539387.1)

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