Oracle Apps R12.1 Vs R12.2

Important differences
and changes points in R12.1 and R12.2.
1. In R12.1,
Oracle E-Business Suite is deployed on iAS 10.1.3 Oracle  
Containers for J2EE (OC4J).
In R12.2 Oracle
E-Business Suite is deployed on FMW 11g (PS5), WebLogic Server
11g 10.3.6 (PS5).
2. In R12.1,
EBS JDK 6.0_10 Oracle JRockit support Not Applicable to Oracle
E-Business Suite 12.1 technology stack.
In R12.2 JRockit 1.6.0_22,
JDK 1.6.0_21, Oracle JRockit  JVM certified and recommended on Linuxand
Windows. Target JDK 1.7.
3. In R12.1 Oracle Database Enterprise Edition from 10g to 11gR2.
In R12.2 Oracle
Database Enterprise Edition, 11g with edition based redefinition.
4. In R12.1 Oracle
JSP Compiler 10.1.3 is used.
In R12.2 WebLogic
JSP Compiler 11g 10.3.6 is use.
5. In R12.1 Apache
1.3.34 is used.
In R12.2 the
new Apache 2.2 is using.
6. In R12.1 Java
Object Cache 10.1.3 is used.
In R12.2 FMW
11g is used.
7. In R12.1, Oracle
JDBC Thin Drivers 11gR2 repackaged and delivered via Oracle E-Business Suite.
In R12.2 Oracle
JDBC Thin Drivers 11gR2 used directly from Fusion Middleware installation. 11g
iAS Ojdbc6dms.jar
8. In R12.1 Oracle
SSL Libraries is used.
In R12.2 Java
Secure Socket Extension (JSSE) is used.
*: In both
R12.1 and R12.2 common is Forms / Reports iAS 10.1.2 is used.

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