Oracle EBS R12 Notification Mailer Does Not Start, Remains In Status Starting

Issue : Notification Mailer Does Not Start, Remains In Status Starting

Cause :

The problem is very likely to occur after a clone process is performed, therefore the target instance is the one pron to have this problem.

Analysis :

Check the following SQL results to make sure the values are correct for the instance:

1. SQL> select name
from v$database;

2. SQL> select name, status, type
from wf_agents;

3. SQL> select name from wf_systems
where guid = wf_core.translate(‘WF_SYSTEM_GUID’);

4. SQL> select queue_name from wf_agents a
where a.SYSTEM_GUID = wf_core.translate (‘WF_SYSTEM_GUID’)
and name = ‘WF_CONTROL’;

5. SQL> select,
from wf_agents a, wf_systems s
where a.SYSTEM_GUID = s.GUID;

6. SQL> select guid
from wf_systems
where name = ‘<supply name_1 that is returned in #5>’

7. SQL> select name,text
where name = ‘WF_SYSTEM_GUID’;

8. SQL> select system_guid, name
from wf_agents
where name in (‘WF_ERROR’,’WF_DEFERRED’,’WF_IN’,’WF_OUT’);

9. SQL> select name
from wf_systems;

> This should only contain 1 <SID> name

10. SQL> select name, status from wf_events
where guid in (select event_filter_guid from wf_event_subscriptions where
system_guid <> wf_core.translate(‘WF_SYSTEM_GUID’));

> This should not return any rows, if it does, it means that there are incorrect event subscriptions

Solution :

To implement this fix, please proceed as follows:

All the above sql results should be verified to make sure they correspond to the current instance.

If the results in 1-9 above all look correct, then proceed with the solution for step 10. If they are not correct then fix the other problems first, then proceed to the fix in step 10.

1. Back up the wf_event_subscriptions table:

create table wf_event_subscriptions_bkup
as select * from wf_event_subscriptions;

2. Update the table to have the right system guid:

update wf_event_subscriptions set system_guid =
where system_guid <> wf_core.translate(‘WF_SYSTEM_GUID’)


3. The mailer should now start up.

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