Oracle Transport Agent for XML Gateway

How to Configure Oracle Transport Agent (OTA) for XML Gateway.

OTA Overview:

In E-Business Suite Applications (EBS) Release 12 (R12), 
Jserv is no longer used in the applications tier for java components. 
It has been replaced by the Oracle Containers for J2EE (OC4J) component. 
The configuration and setup for Oracle Transport Agent (OTA) has changed accordingly.

Oracle Transport Agent (OTA) is a lightweight messaging platform for transmitting documents over HTTP and Secure HTTP (HTTPS).  
OTA implements a messaging protocol on top of the HTTP Application protocol. 

The OTA server is a Java-based servlet that uses the OTA messaging protocol to support the following requirements:

1. Guaranteed, exactly-once delivery of a message over HTTP(S)
2. Complete audit and history tracking of messages sent and received
3. Outbound e-mail delivery of messages (SMTP)
4. Server certificate authentication (when using SSL mode)
5. Client certificate authentication
6. Built-in Application user authentication to Oracle e-Business Suite and Oracle Exchange.

OTA used for transmitting Purchase Orders as XML format to External Suppliers. 

Steps to configure Oracle Transport Agent (OTA)

1. Enable ASADMIN user

– Log onto Oracle E-Business Suite using sysadmin/<sysadmin_pw>.
– Select the User Management responsibility in the Navigator.
– Click the Users link from the navigation menu to open the User Maintenance window.
– Locate ‘ASADMIN’ user by entering information in the search area to retrieve the ‘ASADMIN’ user.
– Click the Update icon next to the ASADMIN user to open the Update User window.
– Remove the Active To date field and click Apply in case is not already removed
– Click the Reset Password icon next to the ASADMIN user to open the Reset Password window.
– Enter new password twice and click Submit
– Login as ASADMIN and change the password as it prompts when logging for the  first time

2. Take backup and Update the same password of ASADMIN in system-jazn-data.xml file to be ! (! in front is mandatory).

3. Set OASMTPServer=<smtp server name> to $INST_TOP/ora/10.1.3/j2ee/oafm/config/

4. Bounce the oafm services


4. Ensures ECX Inbound Agent Listener & ECX Transaction Agent Listener is running.

System administrator –> Oracle application manager –> Workflow –> Service Components –> ECX Inbound Agent Listener & ECX Transaction Agent Listener should be up and running ( if not , start the services ).

Ensure all other workflow agents are also up and running.

— Narasimha Rao

  • December 28, 2016 | 14 views