Patch Error while appying 22502456 RDBMS Database Patch Set Update

          Patch Error while appying 22502456  RDBMS Database Patch Set Update


The patch directory area must be a number.

ERROR: OPatch failed because of problems in patch area.

When you pop-up with following error while appying the RDBMS Database Patch Set Update


OPatch version may be lower to the patch area.

Cross-check with your database opatch utility version.

oratest@hostname # ./opatch version
OPatch version    :

OPatch succeeded.

Please download latest opatch patch 6880880 for release “” (description “OPatch 11.2”).

apply it as below

mv OPatch OPatch.bkp
unzip <download directory>/p6880880_<version>_<platform>.zip
cd OPatch
./opatch version

Include OPatch in PATH


and then reapply patch 22502456

oratest@hostname # ./opatch version
OPatch Version:

OPatch succeeded.

Now, the 22502456 patch completed successfully. 

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