PRCD-1229 : An attempt to access configuration of database xxxxxx was rejected

PRCD-1027 : Failed to retrieve database xxxxxx
PRCD-1229 : An attempt to access configuration of database xxxxxx was rejected because its version differs from the program version Instead run the program from /u01/app/oracle/product/
After manual upgrade or downgrade, we might have seen this above error. This can be resolved as below. This is happening because of the cluster configuration is still pointing to older oracle home where Database is running from new OH. Such situations we have to update the cluster configuration using below command, it can be either upgrade or downgrade.
srvctl downgrade database -d -o -t []
srvctl downgrade database -d xxxxx -o /u01/app/oracle/product/ -t
This command will downgrade the cluster configuration to and will point to Home.
$ srvctl config database -d xxxxx
Database unique name: xxxxx
Database name:
Oracle home: /u01/app/oracle/product/
Oracle user: oracle
Spfile: +DATA/xxxxx/spfilexxxxx.ora
Password file:
Start options: open
Stop options: immediate
Database role: PRIMARY
Management policy: AUTOMATIC
Server pools:
Disk Groups: DATA,FLASH
Mount point paths:
Services: xxxxx_1,xxxxx_rw_1,xxxxxr_1
Type: RAC
Start concurrency:
Stop concurrency:
OSDBA group: dba
OSOPER group: dba
Database instances: xxxxx1,xxxxx2
Configured nodes: xxxxx111,xxxxx112
Database is administrator managed
The same is applicable for upgrade also.

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