Query to find out which process is consuming more and more memory

This can be found by using the following query.

COLUMN alme     HEADING “Allocated MB” FORMAT 99999D9
COLUMN usme     HEADING “Used MB”      FORMAT 99999D9
COLUMN frme     HEADING “Freeable MB”  FORMAT 99999D9
COLUMN mame     HEADING “Max MB”       FORMAT 99999D9
COLUMN username                        FORMAT a15
COLUMN program                         FORMAT a22
COLUMN sid                             FORMAT a5
COLUMN spid                            FORMAT a8
SELECT s.username, SUBSTR(s.sid,1,5) sid, p.spid, logon_time,
       SUBSTR(s.program,1,22) program , s.process pid_remote,
       ROUND(pga_used_mem/1024/1024) usme,
       ROUND(pga_alloc_mem/1024/1024) alme,
       ROUND(pga_freeable_mem/1024/1024) frme,
       ROUND(pga_max_mem/1024/1024) mame
FROM  v$session s,v$process p
WHERE p.addr=s.paddr
ORDER BY pga_max_mem,logon_time;

To get more detailed information in which component is growing can view from V$PROCESS_MEMORY be used.

Take the value for SID from above output.

COLUMN category      HEADING “Category”
COLUMN allocated     HEADING “Allocated bytes”
COLUMN used          HEADING “Used bytes”
COLUMN max_allocated HEADING “Max allocated bytes”
SELECT pid, category, allocated, used, max_allocated
FROM   v$process_memory
WHERE  pid = (SELECT pid
              FROM   v$process
              WHERE  addr= (select paddr
                            FROM   v$session

                            WHERE  sid = 141));

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