Query to get the session details for data pump jobs during export/import.

Please use the below query to get the session details for data pump jobs during export/import.

select x.job_name,b.state,b.job_mode,b.degree
, x.owner_name,z.sql_text, p.message
, p.totalwork, p.sofar
, round((p.sofar/p.totalwork)*100,2) done
, p.time_remaining
from dba_datapump_jobs b
left join dba_datapump_sessions x on (x.job_name = b.job_name)
left join v$session y on (y.saddr = x.saddr)
left join v$sql z on (y.sql_id = z.sql_id)
left join v$session_longops p ON (p.sql_id = y.sql_id)
WHERE y.module=’Data Pump Worker’
AND p.time_remaining > 0;

set lines 150 pages 100 numwidth 7
col program for a38
col username for a10
col spid for a7
select to_char(sysdate,’YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS’) “DATE”, s.program, s.sid, s.status, s.username,
d.job_name, p.spid, s.serial#, p.pid,s.event
from v$session s, v$process p, dba_datapump_sessions d
where p.addr=s.paddr and s.saddr=d.saddr;
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