R12: Executing A Report Fails With REP-0004: Warning: Unable to open user preference file.

On an E-Business Suite Release 12.1.2 – when attempting to execute a Report the following error occurs:

REP-0004: Warning: Unable to open user preference file.


In Release 11i the Environment Setting ORACLE_LOCALPREFERENCE has been used to store this setting in the ad80ux.env file, which has been sourced for the execution of an Concurrent Program.

In Release 12 you can find the Setting in the Contextfile, but is has been removed to be used in the Environment file.

Published Bug 11063588 – ORACLE_LOCALPREFERENCE REMOVED IN R12 has been created for this issue and a fix has been created but no Patch has been released yet.


To implement the solution please execute the following steps:

Workaround :

1 – Backup file $AD_TOP/admin/template/iAS_1012_env.tmp

mv $AD_TOP/admin/template/iAS_1012_env.tmp $AD_TOP/admin/template/iAS_1012_env.tmp.org

2 – Edit  file $AD_TOP/admin/template/iAS_1012_env.tmp and add the following:


3 – Execute autoconfig

4 – Start the services and execute the failed Concurrent Request again and verify that the Workaround worked.

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