Receiving Failed to Login to APEX /
HTMLDB Page – You Don’t Have Permission to Access /pls/apex


Application Express (formerly HTML DB) – Version 1.5 and later
in this document applies to any platform.


APEX (formerly HTML DB) has been
installed with no errors in the installation log. When trying to access the
APEX admin page after the install using the APEX URL
Gives the following error:

don’t have permission to access /pls/apex on this server”

Other URLs within this
configuration work successfully. For example:
http://machine:port brings up the
Oracle HTTP Server Welcome page, and the links and tabs for Demonstrations /
Key Features are also working.

The error_log shows the following

[Tue Sep 14 09:34:03 2004]
[error] [client] [ecid: 1095168843:,0]
mod_plsql: /pls/apex/apex HTTP-403 ORA-1017

The database password that is
provided in the Database Access Descriptor definition file (dads.conf or
marvel.conf) in $ORACLE_HOME/Apache/modplsql/conf is incorrect.

1. Verify the
APEX_PUBLIC_USER (or HTMLDB_PUBLIC_USER) password. By default, it will be the
same password defined for the APEX ADMIN user.
If you are
unable to login as the APEX_PUBLIC_USER, modify the password as the SYS user
using the following command:
alter user
APEX_PUBLIC_USER  identified by

2. Make a backup
of the file containing the Database Access Descriptor (DAD) definition for
APEX- tyically marvel.conf or dads.conf.

3. Modify the
value PlsqlDatabasePassword in to reflect the password identified in step 1.
For this example, let’s say the password is manager1:

PlsqlDatabaseUsername APEX_PUBLIC_USER
PlsqlDatabasePassword manager1

The password
must be entered in clear text.

4. Restart the
Oracle HTTP Server.

opmnctl stop
opmnctl start

5. Test to
verify that you can login to APEX / HTML DB successfully.

Once you can
successfully login to APEX / HTML DB , you can encrypt the password by using
the perl script provided with the 10g HTTP Server installation.
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