Recovering the WebLogic admin password

The WebLogic Administrator username and password are used to start up the WebLogic
Server instances. They are stored encrypted in the file.

Here we have the steps to recover the username and password from the boot.
properties file of the PROD_DOMAIN domain.

1. Log in as the wls user to shell and set the domain environment variables for the
domain you want to recover:

[wls@prod01]$ cd $DOMAIN_HOME/bin
[wls@prod01]$ . ./

2. Start WLST:

[wls@prod01]$ $WL_HOME/common/bin/

3. Run the following WLST commands to display the username and password:

from import BootProperties
prop = BootProperties.getBootProperties()
print “username: ” + prop.getOneClient()
print “password: ” + prop.getTwoClient()

The username and password will be displayed on the screen.

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