RMAN-06820: WARNING: failed to archive current log at primary database


From onward as per ‘unpublished’ Bug 8740124, We include the current standby redo log as part of an RMAN archivelog backup at the standby site.
This is achieved by forcing a log switch at the primary site. But the connection to the primary failed when attempting to do so.
This is due to below bug:
Bug 17580082


Dont use operating system authentication to login with RMAN. Instead use username and password.
Dont use the beloq
$ rman target /
Instead put in the username and password for the SYSDBA user:
$ rman target sys/password@stby
Connecting as ‘rman target sysdba_user/password@stby’
Note: The password, within the password file, for the primary and standby should be identical.

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