RMAN Auxiliary connect fails with ORA-01031: INSUFFICIENT PRIVILEGES

Analysis :

There may be a mismatch in the “case” of characters between these items on the host where the auxiliary database resides:

1)  The entry in the listener.ora file for service_name for the auxiliary instance.
2)  The entry for db_name in the init<sid>.ora file for the auxiliary instance.
3)  The naming of the password file.
4)  The $ORACLE_SID for the auxiliary instance. 

If all four items have matching case characters, you may find the errors connecting remotely via the password file are resolved.

Solution :

Set the reference to service_name in the listener.ora,db_name in the init<sid>.ora,password file name itself,$ORACLE_SID to all uppercase.

Listener example:

The init<sid>.ora file:


The password file:


$ORACLE_SID and password file is must be same.

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