Schedule RMAN Backup in Database Using 12c New Feature for NON-CDB

 we have the new feature of DBMS_SCHEDULER job type “BACKUP_SCRIPT”, that allows us to create backup jobs without creating them as an OS file, and without need for a wrapper script that’s called by a job type EXECUTABLE.
This is an example to create a scheduler job to run a backup job in 12c. With the introduction of backup_script in 12c, we can directly write scripts as if the RMAN interpreter is already invoked.


1. Create a common user inside the container database

sql>create user bkpuser identified by bkpuser;

sql>grant connect, resource, create job, create external job, create credential to bkpuser;

2. Create a credential logged in as the common user. This ensures that script runs as the correct OS user on the server:

credential_name => ‘oracle_bkpuser’,
username => ‘oracle’,
password => ‘orclpswd’

3. Prepare an rman script

$ vi sample_bkp.rman
connect target /
backup database plus archivelog;
crosscheck backup;
crosscheck archivelog all;

4. Create the scheduler job
sql> begin
job_name => sample_backup_job,
job_type => ‘backup_script’,
job_action => ‘/u01/app/oracle/scripts/sample_bkp.rman’,
credential_name => ‘oracle_bkpuser’,
enabled => true

5. Check the job status

column job_name format a20
select job_name, status, error# from dba_scheduler_job_run_details
where job_name=upper(‘&job_name);  — Provide the job name “sample_backup_job”

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