Script to Build Bind Variables

Purpose:     Build SQL*Plus test script with variable definitions

Description: This script creates a file which can be executed in SQL*Plus. It creates bind variables,
             sets the bind variables to the values stored in V$SQL_BIND_CAPTURE, and then executes
             the statement. The sql_id is used for the file name and is also placed in the statement
             as a comment. Note that numeric bind variable names are not permited in SQL*Plus, so if
             the statement has numberic bind variable names, they have an ‘N’ prepended to them. Also
             note that CHAR variables are converted to VARCHAR2.

Usage:       This scripts prompts for two values.

             sql_id:   this is the sql_id of the statement you want to duplicate

             child_no: this is the child cursor number from v$sql
                       (the default is 0 second)

set sqlblanklines on
set trimspool on
set trimout on
set feedback off;
set linesize 255;
set pagesize 50000;
set timing off;
set head off

accept sql_id char prompt “Enter SQL ID ==> “
accept child_no char prompt “Enter Child Number ==> ” default 0
var isdigits number

col sql_fulltext for a140 word_wrap
spool &&sql_id.sql

–Check for numeric bind variable names

select case regexp_substr(replace(name,’:’,”),'[[:digit:]]’) when replace(name,’:’,”) then 1 end into :isdigits
and child_number = &&child_no
and rownum < 2;

— Create variable statements

‘variable ‘ ||
   case :isdigits when 1 then replace(name,’:’,’N’) else substr(name,2,30) end || ‘ ‘ ||
replace(datatype_string,’CHAR(‘,’VARCHAR2(‘) txt
and child_number = &&child_no;

— Set variable values from V$SQL_BIND_CAPTURE

select ‘begin’ txt from dual;
   case :isdigits when 1 then replace(name,’:’,’:N’) else name end ||
   ‘ := ‘ ||
   case datatype_string when ‘NUMBER’ then null else ”” end ||
   value_string ||
   case datatype_string when ‘NUMBER’ then null else ”” end ||
   ‘;’ txt
   and child_number = &&child_no;
select ‘end;’ txt from dual;
select ‘/’ txt from dual;

— Generate statement

select regexp_replace(sql_fulltext,'(select |SELECT )’,’select /* test &&sql_id */ ‘,1,1) sql_fulltext from (
select case :isdigits when 1 then replace(sql_fulltext,’:’,’:N’) else sql_fulltext end ||’;’ sql_fulltext
from v$sqlarea
where sql_id = ‘&&sql_id’);

spool off;
undef sql_id
undef child_no
set feedback on;
set head on

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