Script to List RMAN Backup Set

SELECT  bs.recid, DECODE(backup_type, ‘L’, ‘Archived Logs’, ‘D’, ‘Datafile Full’, ‘I’, ‘Incremental’) backup_type,
device_type “type”, DECODE(bs.controlfile_included, ‘NO’, null, bs.controlfile_included) controlfile,
sp.spfile_included spfile, bs.incremental_level L,TO_CHAR(bs.start_time, ‘dd/mm/yyyy HH24:MI:SS’) start_time
  , TO_CHAR(bs.completion_time, ‘dd/mm/yyyy HH24:MI:SS’)  completion_time, bs.elapsed_seconds “ELAPSED”, bp.tag, bs.block_size “BLOCK”
  FROM  v$backup_set  bs, (select distinct set_stamp, set_count, tag, device_type from v$backup_piece where status in (‘A’, ‘X’))  bp,
   (select distinct set_stamp, set_count, ‘YES’ spfile_included from v$backup_spfile) sp
WHERE completion_time > sysdate -1
  AND bs.set_stamp = bp.set_stamp
  AND bs.set_count = bp.set_count
  AND bs.set_stamp = sp.set_stamp (+)
  AND bs.set_count = sp.set_count (+)
ORDER BY  completion_time desc, bs.recid;
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