solved ORA-01187 ORA-01110 in standby database

We got the below error on a active standby databse

ORA-01187: cannot read from file because it failed verification tests
ORA-01110: data file 73: ‘/u02/oracle/oradata/test/temp_01.dbf’

so the sloutions is as below

Drop the tempfile from the standby database:

SQL> alter database tempfile ‘/u02/oracle/oradata/test/temp_01.dbf’ drop;

Create a new tempfile

alter tablespace TEMP add tempfile ‘/u02/oracle/oradata/test/temp_01.dbf’ SIZE 5G REUSE;

and when i tried the query again i got the same error but for another file so I dropped and recreated all the tempfiles of the Temporary tablespace temp

after recreating the tempfiles again i checked the

SQL> select file_name ,status from dbA_temp_files;
FILE_NAME                                          STATUS
———————————————      ———————
/u02/oracle/oradata/test/temp_01.dbf               ONLINE
/u02/oracle/oradata/test/temp_02.dbf      ONLINE
/u02/oracle/oradata/test/temp_03.dbf               ONLINE
/u02/oracle/oradata/test/temp_04.dbf               ONLINE
/u02/oracle/oradata/test/temp_05.dbf               ONLINE

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