The data that defines the flexfield on this field may be inconsistent

The data that defines the flexfield on this field may be inconsistent. Inform your system administrator that the function: KeyFlexfieldDefinitionFactory.getStructureNumber could not find the structure definition for the flexfield specified by Application = SQLGL, Code = GL# and Structure number =

The issue can be reproduced at will with the following steps:

1. Go to the Manage Bank Accounts window
2. Go to the Account Controls and click on Update


There could be multiple causes for this issue:

1. Client was at an older version of the 120.18.12010000.6.

2. The application of a patch has rendered the Flexfields invalids


To implement the solution, please execute the following steps in a test environment first:


1. Download and review the readme and pre-requisites for patch 18088801:R12.CE.B that has the Account Controls page latest version

2. Ensure that you have taken a backup of your system before applying the recommended patch.

3. Apply patch 18088801:R12.CE.B in a test environment.

4. Confirm the following file version: version 120.18.12010000.13.

You can use the following command to find out the version:
strings -a $JAVA_TOP/oracle/apps/ce/bankaccount/webui/AccountSimpleCO.class |grep ‘$Header’
or go to the Bank Account Accounts Control window and click on Help About this Page to confirm the version.

5. Retest the issue.

6. If the issue is resolved, please migrate the solution as appropriate to other environments.



1. a. Run this command (all on one line) to recreate the incorrect Flexfields:

FNDLOAD apps/password 0 Y UPLOAD_PARTIAL $FND_TOP/patch/115/import/afffload.lct
$CE_TOP/patch/115/import/US/ce12adf.ldt DESC_FLEX

b. Bounce the instance. Retest the issue. 

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