The Oracle Big Data Solution

Oracle Big Data Appliance is an engineered system comprising both hardware and software components. The hardware is optimized to run the enhanced big data software components.
Oracle Big Data Appliance delivers:
  • A complete and optimized solution for big data
  • Single-vendor support for both hardware and software
  • An easy-to-deploy solution
  • Tight integration with Oracle Database and Oracle Exadata Database Machine
Oracle provides a big data platform that captures, organizes, and supports deep analytics on extremely large, complex data streams flowing into your enterprise from many data sources. You can choose the best storage and processing location for your data depending on its structure, workload characteristics, and end-user requirements.
Oracle Database enables all data to be accessed and analyzed by a large user community using identical methods. By adding Oracle Big Data Appliance in front of Oracle Database, you can bring new sources of information to an existing data warehouse. Oracle Big Data Appliance is the platform for acquiring and organizing big data so that the relevant portions with true business value can be analyzed in Oracle Database.
For maximum speed and efficiency, Oracle Big Data Appliance can be connected to Oracle Exadata Database Machine running Oracle Database. Oracle Exadata Database Machine provides outstanding performance in hosting data warehouses and transaction processing databases. Moreover, Oracle Exadata Database Machine can be connected to Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine for the best performance of business intelligence and planning applications. The InfiniBand connections between these engineered systems provide high parallelism, which enables high-speed data transfer for batch or query workloads.
Oracle Engineered Systems for Big Data

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