To restore a failed patch in opatch apply

Restoring Oracle Homes

Every time you apply a patch, you make changes to your inventory. Sometimes that change may corrupt the inventory. You can use the or restore.bat script that comes with OPatch to remove any changes that were made to the inventory after the patch application.
When you apply a patch, OPatch creates a snapshot of your inventory and stores it in $ORACLE_HOME/.patch_storage/<patch-id_timestamp> directory. OPatch 10.2 supports maintaining versions of patches. You can have two or more different versions of the same patch (with the same patch ID). This version information is stored in the OPatch metadata.
If your inventory is corrupted, you need to perform the following steps to return the application to its last known good state:
  1. Ensure that the environment variable ORACLE_HOME is set properly.
  2. Navigate to the $ORACLE_HOME/.patch_storage/<patch-id_timestamp> directory and execute the restore command:
    For UNIX:
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