Unreachable Alerts in OEM with error meassage as ‘Agent to OMS Communication is broken’

Sometimes, we can see number of alerts stating that OEM is unable ping agent(Agent Unreachable)
But when we the check the status of the agent ,it shows up and and running…

Investing further we have seen the below error message in emagent.trc file…
“nmehlssl.cnmehlssl_readcb nmehl_read_sock timed out”

As per MOS note 1559379.1,These alerts are due to the Bug 9546508

Sample Alert:
Target Name=doyen.local
Target type=Host
Occurred At=oct 3, 2016 10:55:09 PM IST
Message=Agent is unable to communicate with the OMS. (REASON = Agent is Unreachable (REASON : Agent to OMS Communication is brokenSSL handshake failure between OMS https://vboddeti.local:4900/em/upload and Agent , err -10 ).
Severity=Unreachable Start
Notification Rule Name=Host Availability and Critical States
Notification Rule Owner=SYSMAN

1.) Stop all the OMS processes:
     <OMS_HOME>/bin/emctl stop oms -all
2.) Back up the <>/gc_inst/WebTierIH1/config/OHS/ohs1/httpd.conf file and perform the following edit:
MaxClients         150
MaxClients         300
3.) Start the OMS using
     <OMS_HOME>/bin/emctl start oms
4.) Monitor the OMS operation for further error generation with the new settings.

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